Arcot Systems
Management Challenges Arcot developed software for the Visa Payer Authentication Service (VPAS). VPAS combats online payment card fraud, and all banks, merchants, and third party service providers involved in credit card processing over the Internet must have VPAS compliant software to process transactions correctly. Initial efforts to sell Arcot’s solution were less than successful. Arcot turned to Weinstein to increase sales and set product strategy.
Solutions Delivered Weinstein developed product and marketing strategies, including competitive feature sets and product roadmaps, wrote white papers, quantified customer value proposition to create pricing strategy, and named the product suite (“TransFort”). Weinstein also created strategies and led projects that established marketing and distribution relationships, vital to global market penetration.
Results Achieved Over 3,100 financial institutions, 10,000 online retailers, and 300 million consumers worldwide will be enabled with Arcot’s TransFort software during VPAS’ global roll out. Arcot has become a preferred vendor for VPAS compliant software.
  Service Description: Improving Product Performance  
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