First Data
Management Challenges First Data Corporation built a large merchant processing business through a series of acquisitions in the 1990s. This new group was an incongruent, non-integrated organization that distributed products and services via two channels, resulting in marketplace conflict. It also faced pricing pressure from bank clients. Executives turned to Weinstein to address these critical issues. 
Solutions Delivered

Weinstein led the development of the Group’s Strategic Plan. Weinstein led executive team discussions, investigated and proposed ideas, options, and strategies to meet self-imposed aggressive objectives and to resolve issues. The plan document was prepared and presented for approval.

Results Achieved

The Chairman and Executive Committee of First Data resoundingly approved the Strategic Plan, which focused on growth and investment to create superior products and services. Priorities shifted and resources reallocated (some of the $800 million approved budget) to:

  • Integrate the organization.
  • Consolidate account processing and migrate customers.
  • Create common, robust processing platforms.
  • Develop new value based, highly differentiated services in e-commerce, information distribution, and debit.
  • Improve service quality.

Today First Data retains its #1 market rank and excellent financial performance.

  Service Description: Improving Corporate Performance  
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