Read what satisfied clients say about Weinstein in testimonials below:

“Thanks in part to Weinstein’s market analysis and guidance, we focused on a strategy that the market leader finally settled into, after they spent tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars and reinvented themselves several times.”

Paul Gallagher
Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo Bank

“I found Weinstein Consulting to be very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and able to explain complex concepts in a clear fashion. Most important, I asked for their projections on the direction of the market, and they were right!”

Tracy Wilk

“Weinstein has a seemingly endless knowledge base of innovative ideas to grow your business. Weinstein provides great support for decision-making... and is always on top of things.”

Frank Oliva
Vice President, Emerging Technologies
Visa USA

“Russ knows how technology partnerships work and certainly knew the right people for us.”

Will McClatchy

“Russ has a very impressive set of skills that get results. He has always exceeded my expectations in areas such as new products, new pricing strategies, and alliances. Weinstein can help grow your business, and help you become productive and successful.”

Steve Ryan
Vice President, Business Development

“Weinstein complemented my management team at a critical time in our development. As a strategist, he quickly solved problems and helped me sell the business. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Robert Simon
Alta Partners

“You can just tell, after talking with him briefly, how talented and experienced Weinstein is. I've personally benefited from his rich insights into market dynamics, including competitive threats.”

Harvey Bondar
Vice President of Worldwide Marketing
Digital Persona

“Weinstein is a trusted advisor who has helped me buy companies and create a new brand for my operating company. He’s a comprehensive thinker and great communicator – which is necessary in today’s fast-paced, complex world.”

Raymond C. Lee
Penguin Group, Inc.

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