Arcot Systems
Management Challenges Arcot’s goal was to become the #1 global provider of software for the new Visa Payer Authentication Service, launched in 2001, to combat payment card fraud, a $1 billion problem worldwide. All banks, merchants, and third party service providers involved in credit card processing over the Internet will require Visa compliant software. Arcot management turned to Weinstein for help.
Solutions Delivered Weinstein created strategies and led vital projects that established a variety of marketing and distribution relationships that promoted the worldwide market penetration of Arcot’s Visa compliant software and services. Weinstein identified target companies, initiated contact, proposed terms and conditions, and negotiated agreements.
Results Achieved

Arcot became a preferred vendor for Visa compliant software. Weinstein:

  • Formed an OEM/Reseller relationship with an e-commerce service provider. The Agreement provided for product integration, training, sales and marketing procedures, fees, support, upgrades, fixes, and intellectual property rights.
  • Formed joint marketing and reseller relationships with Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Equifax, to expand customer base in overlapping target markets and support worldwide implementations.
  • Signed up marquee accounts (Dell,, Priceline, Target, CompUSA, Zale, etc.) to long-term contracts.
  Service Description: Creating New Sales Channels  
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