General Mills
Management Challenges General Mills, an international consumer packaged food company, was interested in expanding its non-U.S. business. Pundits believed that the establishment of the European Union would force companies to establish Pan-European businesses to compete successfully. Executives asked Weinstein to research this issue and propose options that were financially attractive.
Solutions Delivered

Weinstein reviewed the operations of existing European divisions in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. The European market for consumer food products was assessed, specifically consumption preferences and distribution trends by country. Weinstein investigated the ability of European divisions to leverage U.S. brands and technologies for growth, and evaluated the attractiveness of European markets for entry or expansion.

Results Achieved Weinstein’s targeted regional growth plan was adopted. The plan addressed the nature of Europe’s disparate regions, and leveraged existing business positions and market and product know-how. A European acquisition strategy was accelerated to create bases of operation in new market regions, and to add tactical acquisitions onto existing businesses. This leveraged General Mills’ brands and technologies in the baked good and vegetable categories.
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