First Data
Management Challenges

First Data Merchant Services Corporation (FDMS) is the largest third-party transaction processor for merchants accepting credit cards for payment. FDMS distributes its services primarily through bank partners. FDMS executives turned to Weinstein to find innovative ways to deliver services that would improve customer satisfaction and productivity.

Solutions Delivered

Weinstein developed a Web-enabled merchant service application for reporting, analysis, inquiries, service changes and upgrades. Weinstein determined features and functions offered and developed business requirements. Weinstein led the development of support functions: help desk, customer service, account set-up, fulfillment, and security. Weinstein led market research efforts to understand customer need, developed Implementation Guides for merchants and bank partners, and developed projections. Weinstein also obtained distribution commitments from bank partners, vital to project success.

Results Achieved

The new service greatly improved service quality, improved customer retention rates, and reduced unit costs over time. For merchants, the new application served as a productivity tool and provided more detailed information for decision-making, thereby improving back office operations. Customer relationships were also broadened beyond commodity processing services.

  Service Description: Incorporating Technology to Improve Productivity and Quality  
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