You have just received sales and performance reports that are disappointing; demand is well below plan. People both inside and outside of the business are questioning product pricing, quality and costs; marketing support and branding; and the performance of resellers and brokers. Vendors knock on your door, offering changes in business practices that you’re not sure you need. And your boss wants to know: Did we make a mistake entering or expanding our presence in this market, or do we need to fix execution problems? How are you going to answer these questions and improve performance?

Weinstein improves product and service performance. Weinstein assesses the markets you compete in (size, segmentation, consumption, and competitor trends); product performance and profitability; and customer purchase behavior and satisfaction levels. Sales and distribution capabilities and performance, as well as price levels, are also considered. Weinstein’s improvement plans result in new and improved pricing strategies, marketing alliances, competitive features and functionality, and branding, as well as new products.

Case Study: Arcot Systems

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