Entrepreneurs face many critical tasks and difficult questions when starting a business. What should my priorities be? How do I sell my idea to investors and key customers? Should I hire employees or contractors to start? Will my idea survive the competition? How much capital do I need?

A Business Plan creates a blueprint of the business idea, allowing entrepreneurs and their financiers to see clearly and comprehensively all steps, functions and resources necessary to develop and commercialize the idea. Creating this blueprint requires a unique skill and experience set that is specialized, strategic, and insightful. Hiring a consultant who has a record of success with early stage companies, who works well with entrepreneurs, who knows what’s important, and who has a broad skill base in marketing, strategy, and finance, is a solid investment.

Weinstein develops and implements persuasive business plans that validate ideas, create businesses, get executive approvals, and raise capital. Weinstein can assess the competition and markets; develop plans for marketing, sales, and operations; and create projections and timelines.

Case Study: Yahoo PayDirect

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