Expansion projects can be rewarding to work on, but there can be serious issues and potential disasters to avoid. Is the price being asked for too much? Is the property really all that it appears to be? Is this the best way to expand, or are there better options? Do financial statements reflect its true condition and, most importantly, its future prospects? How can the acquired property be best integrated into the new organization? And who’s best suited to run it?

Weinstein has assisted executives in acquiring companies, and has assessed the viability of at least one hundred business combinations. Weinstein’s experience also extends to joint ventures and corporate development programs, designed to achieve long-term growth objectives for clients. Weinstein helps clients determine the appropriateness of proposed transactions and justify important decisions, based on client-preferred performance metrics and goals. Weinstein values companies, develops integration plans, provides advice on deal structuring, reviews contracts, and negotiates deals.

Case Study: General Mills

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